Extending Timeout of Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise

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Once you have ADFS set-up on your CRM 2011 deployment and you can remote get to your organisation you will find that the time-out for a session is set extremely low as default.

To change this session time-out what we have to do is tell ADFS to extend the token lifetime. Below are the steps to do this


Step 1. On the server with ADFS Launch Windows Powershell (Start/All Programs/Accessories/Windows PowerShell/Windows PowerShell )

Step 2. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Adfs.PowerShell

This adds the Microsoft ADfs snap in to allow you to run the commands

Step 3a. If you know the name of the relying party run Get-ADFSRelyingPartyTrust -Name:”RELYING_PARTY_NAME

Step 3b. If you do not know the name of the relying party run Get-ADFSRelyingPartyTrust | fl name, TokenLifetime

At this stage this will allow you to check what the TokenLifetime is set to and remember to keep note of the relying party name.

Step 4. Set-ADFSRelyingPartyTrust -TargetName “RELYING_PARTY_NAME” -TokenLifetime 1420


You should now be finished and you can run Step 3a or 3b to check the new TokenLifetime setting



TokenLifetime takes an integer which refers to the minutes of the lifetime – 1420 is 24 hours, you could also use 480 for 8 hours.

ADFS = Active Directory Federated Services

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

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